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Kaminario Solutions
The Backbone of the Modern Data Center

The Kaminario K2 All-Flash Array delivers consistently high performance combined with cost effectiveness and capacity efficiency no matter what the platform or workload.



Modern applications depend on high performance, highly scalable databases. These applications are inherently mixed workloads with OLTP and Analytics running on the same data sets. The K2 delivers consistently high performance in the most demanding database environments.

SaaS Infrastructure

SaaS businesses depend on highly scalable, highly agile datacenter infrastructure to stay competitive and profitable. The K2 lets SaaS companies scale easily and cost efficiently.


VDI initiatives can be complex and prone to performance problems, leading to dissatisfied and unproductive users. Find out how deploying VDI on a K2 All-Flash Array can ensure that users get the responsive desktop experience they expect.

Server Virtualization

Leveraging the full benefits of commodity hardware, the efficiency of scale-up architectures, and best-in-class capacity utilization gives the K2 a significant cost efficiency advantage. The ability to rapidly adopt the newest flash, CPU, and networking technologies mean the K2 will always be at the leading edge of cost efficiency.

Mixed Workloads

The K2 is the only all flash array equipped to serve as a general purpose storage strategy. Support all tier-1 data workloads with all-flash infrastructure with simplified management and the efficiencies of a single storage environment.


Mixed Work Loads

What's next for Database-driven Applications?

As the software backbone of modern customer-facing applications, database performance is a critical component to customer experience. Managing production database workloads now and as you grow must be the focus of your storage strategy. Learn how Kaminario can help you build a storage infrastructure that will support your strategy today and tomorrow.

Make Production Databases Hum

Getting optimal performance from database servers is highly dependant on supporting storage infrastructure. Production systems must be able to quickly process revenue-producing transactions around the clock, while simultaneously executing demanding I/O operations like backups, database replication/failover, and OLAP business analytics and reporting. The K2 maintains consistent IOPS, throughput and low latencies even in the face of demanding mixed database workloads.

Consolidate Databases on a Single Storage Platform

Consolidating multiple databases on a single K2 array can greatly reduce the required investment in software licenses and server hardware. The scale-up-and-out architecture lets a single implementation scale to support any number of databases. K2’s consistent performance and writeable snapshots can allow long-running analytical and reporting workloads to concurrently share the same storage array with time-critical transaction processing.

Gain Operational Efficiencies with Powerful Native Compression

The K2’s native compression can substantially reduce the physical capacity required for database volumes while selective inline deduplication reduces the space needed for server virtual machine operating systems, with no decrease in throughput and no extra load on the host server CPUs.

Clone Databases Faster than Ever

Using K2’s native writeable snapshots to clone or backup databases saves time and prevents disruption to ongoing transaction workloads. Snapshots can also save up to 90% of the capacity needed for cloned databases and let OLAP analytics run against snapshots without risk to production SLAs.

Complete Backups Faster with Native Data Protection Features

The K2’s replication and snapshots enable rapid database backups to complete faster, with no impact on production transaction and query processing. Replicating consistent point-in-time snapshots gives the remote site the flexibility of working on up-to-date data as well as recovering from a consistent state if needed.



What’s next for VDI?

The K2 All-Flash Array delivers performance and cost advantages for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

The K2’s consistent performance under load delivers the predictability needed to provide consistent end user experience in the most demanding environments.

Keep Users Productive with Highly Responsive Virtual Desktops

K2’s consistent low latency and predictable high IOPS/throughput deliver responsive virtual desktops and ensures both IT and users can get their work done. Benchmarks for both VMware, Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop using Login VSI demonstrate that the K2 delivers unparalleled user-experience


Reduce Storage Requirements for Managing Virtual Desktop Images

K2’s global inline selective deduplication lowers virtual desktop storage physical capacity needs by up to 95%, or 20:1 in terms of data reduction ratios. K2 pricing can be below $1 per effective GB or $20 per virtual desktop.

Weather Boot and Shutdown Storms with Efficiency and Security

Simultaneous startup and shutdown of large groups of desktops create storms that can bring legacy storage to its knees, resulting in downtime and unhappy users. Benchmarks, run on a single K-Block K2 array holding 1,500 virtual desktops, measured only 8 minutes required to boot all desktops and only 3 minutes required to power them down, with array latency still remaining well below 1.0 ms.

Manage Storage Alongside VMware Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

K2’s integration with VMware via a vCenter plug-in and support for VMware’s VAAI hardware acceleration API enables K2 arrays to be easily integrated into and managed alongside any VMware virtualized desktop infrastructure.

Server Virtualization

Storage innovation

What’s Next for Virtualized Datacenters?

Consolidation of virtualized servers delivers both substantial cost savings and increased operational flexibility. However, consolidated servers can produce a widely varying and random blend of I/O demands that can seriously degrade the performance of most legacy and hybrid storage arrays.

Kaminario K2’s ability to efficiently scale-up and out to handle demanding mixed workloads and blended I/O make it an ideal primary storage tier for consolidating virtual servers.

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Rely on High Performance Regardless of Workload Consolidation

K2’s intelligent design provides consistent low latency and high throughput/IOPS, across even the random blends of concurrent I/O requests typical in consolidated server workloads. This reliable performance under load ensures that the K2 AFA does not become a bottleneck, even during unanticipated periods of peak demand.

Enjoy Highly Linear Scale-Out Performance

In benchmarks where host servers and K2 array resources were scaled-out by a factor of two, OLTP and OLAP workloads run in virtualized database servers, showed that the throughput increased by 1.7X and the amount of IOPS doubled. K2’s low latency is maintained from its initial entry-level configuration to a fully-scaled array, delivering predictable server and application performance.

Lower Licensing and Server Costs

Consolidation of IT infrastructure silos and elimination of redundant and over-provisioned server and storage hardware by standardizing on K2 AFAs, supports the same number of servers, applications and users with less hardware cost and fewer software licenses.

Create Efficient Provisioning of Development, Test and Training Servers

Sandboxed virtual servers needed for internal development, QA testing and user training can benefit greatly from K2’s global inline selective deduplication, with their physical capacity requirements reduced by as much as 95%. Copying server VMs using K2’s native writeable snapshots is fast and saves up to 90% compared to traditional VM copying.

Saas Infrastructure

SaaS Infrastructure

What’s Next for SaaS Businesses

SaaS businesses choose to build their own application delivery infrastructures in order to optimize for cost, performance, and overall customer experience. Customer retention is as important as customer acquisition. SaaS businesses are inherently built to scale. Cost efficiency is table stakes. Consistent performance is a must have.

Built to Scale

SaaS companies are built with the vision of scaling. Data storage infrastructure must scale simply and seamlessly along with the business. The K2’s ability to scale-out and scale-up means SaaS IT strategists can optimize for both cost efficiency and performance according to their specific application needs. No forklift upgrades or isolated islands of storage.

Consistently High Performance

Most SaaS workloads are inherently dynamic — with OLTP transactions and analytics queries hitting the same data sets. Kaminario’s ability to manage mixed workloads with consistently high performance helps a SaaS company deliver a consistent user experience, even as usage patterns change.

Always Manage Costs Down

IT infrastructure is the COGS for a SaaS business. Storage infrastructure costs pass directly through to the cost of serving an incremental customer. Kaminario delivers cost efficiencies up front and ensures that customers will always be able to take advantage of the newest most cost-effective commodity hardware available.

Keep Things Simple

Successful SaaS businesses simplify their customers lives. Kaminario’s goal is to make it simple to scale your business. Our commitment is keep things simple from the time we engage — how we implement, how we provide support, and how we make you successful.

Mixed Workloads

Mixed workloads

What’s Next for the Modern Data Center

The vision for the all-flash data center is based on a storage platform that delivers the benefits of SSD with the flexibility to manage all tier-1 data workloads.

The Kaminario K2 was built for this.

The Benefits of Flash

Flash is inherently a superior storage media – higher performance, no moving parts, less power consumption.

Price Competitive with Legacy Disk

With average price points of less than $1/GB, Kaminario can deliver the benefits of flash at the price points of legacy HDD and Hybrid arrays.

Consistently High Performance

The K2 can uniquely deliver consistently high performance in mixed workload environments, making the all flash data center a real option for modern IT organizations.

The Simplicity of Centralized Storage

Managing all enterprise workloads from a single instance of the Kaminario K2 brings easier management, better economics, and a more simple approach for growing the modern web-scale data center.