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Kaminario K2 All-flash Array
Storage for the All-Flash Data Center

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Kaminario’s K2 all-flash array leverages a unique software-defined architecture that delivers predictable performance, scalability and cost-efficiency—highly valued predictability for the unpredictable world of the modern datacenter.


Kaminario Storage
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The Next Generation of All-Flash Array Technology is Here

The K2 All-flash array is the backbone of the modern data center. Uniquely equipped to scale easily and cost-effectively in mixed workload environments, the K2 is the first and only platform to deliver on the simplicity and agility of the all-flash vision.

Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture

Kaminario SPEAR combines Dell™ PowerEdge™ blade servers, Kaminario K2 solid-state storage area network (SAN) and SPEAR Storage OS to create a fast, highly available and easy-to-deploy distributed storage grid appliance. SPEAR also supports Kaminario DataProtect™ storage services, which enables the K2 storage to provide end-to-end high availability and fast, high-volume data protection to solid-state drive (SSD) storage, while delivering extreme performance.

The Kaminario K2 SAN solid-state hardware is based on PowerEdge blade servers and comes with a rack and enclosure to hold the following hardware components:

Blade servers — for managing data and storing digital RAM (DRAM) and/or Flash SSDs for primary storage and hard disk drives (HDDs) or Flash SSDs for data backup and redundancy

Switches — for exposing Fibre Channel (FC) ports to multiple external hosts using FC switch, sending host data between blades using 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch and supporting management communications between blades using one GbE switch Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) — for delivering continuous power using two power supplies

SPEAR OS manages the following SPEAR components:

  • ioDirectors — load balances the data to optimize K2 system resources utilization and scalability
  • DataNodes — stores data in Flash or DRAM SSD and mirrors data for redundancy and data protection

SPEAR Storage OS has the following capabilities:

  • Automated Data Distribution™ — senses the capacity available in the I/O and storage tiers automatically to balance data distribution for consistent high performance and low latency
  • Intelligent Parallel I/O Processing™ — enables parallel I/O processing over multiple nodes to shorten the average response time of I/O requests
  • DataProtect™ — enables K2 to provide data protection to SSD storage while delivering extreme performance

Storage Without Compromise

Highly innovative software defined architecture combined with tightly integrated hardware platform to deliver maximum agility, scalability, cost efficiency, and simplicity.

Enterprise Class Resiliency

Optimized RAID protection, high availability design, and native replication deliver enterprise class resiliency.

Performance Optimized

Scale-out architecture and patented I/O optimization algorithms deliver consistently high performance in complex workload environments.

Designed for Scalability

Scale capacity and performance independently based on application needs. Add newest hardware to existing arrays with PerpetualArrayTM.

Manage Mixed Workloads

Deploy as a general purpose storage solution. Manage multiple workloads from a centrally managed storage platform.

Ultimate Cost Efficiency

Take maximum advantage of commoditization of flash to deliver enterprise class AFA at average price under $1/GB.

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Leveraging the Economics of Flash Media

Flash media has benefited from step changes in cost efficiency. With benefit of Moore’s Law and the introduction of 3D TLC, the economics of flash keep getting better. K2 is architected to rapidly support the newest, densest flash. Perpetual Array enables customers to integrated the newest hardware in existing implementations.


System Management

The central principles of K2 management are simple. Administered via an intuitive browser-based GUI, K2’s built-in intelligence automatically executes RAID optimization, performance tuning, data distribution, monitoring, and capacity management. K2 supports a fully scriptable CLI, RESTful APIs, VMware vCenter plug-in and Microsoft VSS.

Non-disruptive Upgrade (NDU)

Hardware expansions and software enhancements can be deployed with no interference to production and no dependencies on maintenance windows. Upgrades can incorporate any preferred mix of controllers and SSDs, including newly released processors and drive types.

Thin Provisioning

Maximize storage utilization using thin provisioning to assist long-term capacity planning. All base volumes, snapshots and replicas are thin provisioned, reducing required initial capacity and allowing measured, as-needed growth.


K2’s patented native writeable thin-provisioned and space-efficient snapshots deliver concurrent storage efficiency, performance, and scalability. With substantial capacity savings compared to full clones, snapshots are often used to create additional data sets for backup, archiving, development and testing.

Self-encrypting Drives

Always-on K2 encryption provides protection against data theft, securing data-at-rest with no performance impact. 256-bit AES keys SSD encryption protects all data in the array with no impact on performance.


The Kaminario K2 is designed to meet the most demanding enterprise application requirements. HealthShield’s continuous call-home monitoring protection and analysis are the foundations for Kaminario world-class technical support. Proactive monitoring actively discovers and tracks events in real time, with many issues resolved remotely.


Predictability for the Unpredictable World

In the data center, predictable doesn’t mean boring. Storage infrastructure needs to evolve at the rate your business does. Learn how Kaminario is addressing the needs of the modern enterprise data center.

Predictable Scalability

The K2 was designed from the ground up to scale easily and cost-effectively. Customers scale non-disruptively according to their specific capacity and performance needs. Managing mixed workloads from a single implementation delivers superior economics and simplified management.

Predictable Performance

The combination of scaling-out and the ability to provide consistent performance in mixed workload environments means the K2 supports a consistently high user experience, even as businesses scale, usage patterns change, and new applications are brought online.

Predictable Price

The combination of K2 scale-up-and-out architecture with PerpetualArrayTM and its best-in-class capacity efficiency, means Kaminario can deliver highly predictable pricing on a dollar per effective capacity basis. This lets customers more effectively plan and manage expenses as they grow their business.

Predictable Simplicity

Kaminario and our K2 All-Flash Array Platform are both engineered for simplicity. Simple to work with. Simple to evaluate. Simple to implement. Simple to manage. Simple to grow. Simple to appreciate.

Kaminario Storage Innovation
Innovating All-Flash Enterprise Storage

Storage Innovation

Obsessed with Making Progress

Storage solutions that grow up, out, and forward just like your business. 5th generation plaform with unique set of technology benefits enabled by years of R&D and 20+ patents.

Agile Storage Infrastructure

The K2 is uniquely capable of scaling up and scaling out. Cost effectively add capacity by adding additional drive shelves to a pair of controller nodes. Deliver higher performance within a shared pool of storage volumes by scaling out. Independently optimize for both performance and cost efficiency according to the needs of your business.

Cost Efficiency

Scale Up

The K2 scales-up to cost-effectively add capacity to a pair of controller nodes. And, the K2 scales-out to deliver higher performance within a shared pool of storage volumes.

By enabling both scale-up and scale-out, customers can optimize for both performance and cost efficiency for their specific application.

Best In-Class Capacity Efficiency

The K2 delivers the ultimate in capacity efficiency through a proprietary version of RAID 6, called K-RAID, global inline deduplication and compression, and thin provisioning. Delivering the highest levels of capacity efficiency ensures the K2 is always highly cost-effective across any enterprise use case.

Always the Most Current

Kaminario PerpetualArray™ lets customers add the latest flash, networking, and CPU hardware to existing K2 implementations. This protects investments by ensuring customers can scale with the highest performance, most cost-effective hardware available and retire older hardware non-disruptively.

Trusted & Secure

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Kaminario HealthShield™ is a cloud-based, call-home and analytics engine that delivers proactive monitoring and troubleshooting. Tightly integrated with Kaminario’s world-class support, HealthShield™ complements high-availability features by ensuring hardware failures never impact availability.


K2’s native snapshot-based replication provides a practical disaster recovery solution with no extra hardware or software. Simple to manage, this highly flexible replication approach delivers the ability to create consistent backups between sites with no impact on production performance.


User Interface

Modern management console delivers comprehensive control and analytics with RESTful API for extending to 3rd party management platforms including VSS for Microsoft environments and vCenter plug-in for VMware. Or keep it old school with a fully scriptable CLI.


Performance Across Workloads

The K2 incorporates a proprietary algorithm that adapts I/O to the specific block size of different application workloads in order to optimize performance without compromising on IOPS, latency, or bandwidth. The K2 can deliver consistently high performance, even in mixed workload environments.

Scale Out

To support the ebb and flow of your business your storage should be capable of scaling up capacity while increasing performance. The K2 scales-out, adding controller capacity to support higher I/O requirements enabling consistent performance as the environment scales.

Technical Specifications

System Specifications
1 K-Block 2 K-Blocks 3 K-Blocks 4 K-Blocks
Footprint K-Blocks 4U 10U 14U 18U
Footprint +1 Exp. 6U 14U 20U 26U
Footprint +2 Exp. 8U 18U 26U 34U
Usable Capacity* 7TB-360+TB 14TB-720+TB 21TB-1.08+PB 28TB-1.44+PB
Media (encrypted) 480GB 3D MLC SSD / 960GB 3D MLC SSD / 1.92TB 3D TLC SSD
Density TB/U Up to 60TB
IOPS Up to 250K Up to 500K Up to 750K Up to 1M
Bandwidth Up to 3.2GB/s Up to 6.4GB/s Up to 9.6GB/s Up to 12.8GB/s
Latency 0.35mSec
Power (Max) 1.1KW-1.8KW 2.5KW-3.8KW 3.7KW-5.6KW 4.8KW-7.4KW
Power (Typical) 0.8KW-1.2KW 1.7KW-2.5KW 2.5KW-3.7KW 3.2KW-5KW
Cooling Max 3.9K-6.1K
Cooling Typical 2.6K-4K
Snapshots Up to 8000 Snapshots
Management CLI (SSH), HTTP/HTTPS GUI, Scripting (SSH), RESTful API, VAAI, SNMP, Microsoft VSS, VMware vCenter Plug-in, VMware SRM
Data Reduction Global Selective Inline Deduplication, Inline Compression, Thin Provisioning
Connectivity FC/iSCSI FC: 4x 8Gbps
iSCSI: 4x 10GbE
FC: 8x 8Gbps
iSCSI: 8x 10GbE
FC: 12x 8Gbps
iSCSI: 12x 10GbE
FC: 16x 8Gbps
iSCSI: 16x 10GbE
Management Ports 2x 1GbE


Download the Kaminario K2 All-Flash Storage Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Kaminario K-Assured Datasheet (PDF).

Download Kaminario K2 All-Flash Array Enterprise Technical Support (PDF).

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