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Kaminario Products & Solutions
All-flash Enterprise Storage For Getting From Now To Next.

We are no longer offering Kaminario, please contact us for the latest product offering.

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Kaminario K2 All-flash Array
Backed by K-Assured

Assured Capacity

The Kaminario Assured Capacity program offers a simple way to think about purchasing flash capacity. You get what you buy.

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Assured Availability

Kaminario K2 boasts a unique self healing architecture. It’s straightforward – Kaminario either delivers 99.999% uptime or provides zero-cost support extensions.

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Assured Performance

Rest assured that the K2 storage platform will perform as promised – even across mixed workloads – otherwise Kaminario provides added compute at no cost.

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Assured Scale

Grow your flash storage infrastructure seamlessly over time on your own terms and not those forced upon you by other vendors.

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Assured Maintenance

Don’t let other vendors financially engineer you into a storage refresh corner. Plan your storage maintenance and support costs with 100% visibility.

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Assured SSD Life

Don’t worry about SSD life and endurance management. SSDs are covered as long as the storage array has an active support contract.

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