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Kaminario K-Assured Program
Focus on your business. Eliminate guesswork.

We are no longer offering Kaminario, please contact us for the latest product offering.

Kaminario stands behind the K2 all-flash array with K-Assured™: The storage industry’s most comprehensive, most straightforward, most valuable business guarantee program. K-Assured™ combines six simple guarantees to give customers certainty and predictability as their business scales.

Easy to understand. No hidden costs. Available to everyone. No BS.

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Worry Free Today

Buying flash storage shouldn’t involve guess work or blind trust in your vendor. K-Assured™ business guarantees give you the confidence that you will get the value you expect from your storage investment. We are really confident in our product. You should be too.

Focus on your business. Eliminate guesswork.

Assured Capacity

Don’t settle for “It depends” when you ask your storage vendor how much usable capacity you are getting. The Kaminario Assured Capacity program offers a simple way to think about purchasing flash capacity. You get what you buy. A cost-efficient assurance that we will expand a customer’s system at our expense to achieve promised effective capacity. It really is that simple!

Your business doesn’t nap. Neither should your storage.

Assured Availability

Don’t settle for, “uhmmm, just trust us, it works” when talking about availability. Kaminario K2 boasts a unique self healing architecture with no single point of failure and rich replication data services. Our confidence in the platform’s ability to deliver enterprise-class high availability makes the Assured Availability program easy to execute. It’s straightforward – we either deliver 99.999% uptime or we provide zero-cost support extensions.

High performance. All the time. No excuse.

Assured Performance

Your all-flash solution works great for VDI. Throw some OLTP, OLAP and other diverse workloads on it… And it tanks! You deserve to know what performance you’ll get from your all-flash solution regardless of the workload.

Rest assured that the K2 storage platform will perform as promised – even across mixed workloads – otherwise we provide added compute at no cost.

Worry Free Forever

You shouldn’t have to just hope that your storage solution will continue to deliver over time as your business scales. Kaminario K-Assured perpetual programs provide certainty that the K2 will grow with your business and that Kaminario will not take advantage of our relationship over time.

Scale your storage from now to next. Seamlessly.

Assured Scale

For decades you’ve been forced to change your storage every few years. Complex data migrations. Hours of downtime. A never-ending cycle. There’s a better way.

Grow your flash storage infrastructure seamlessly over time on your own terms and not those forced upon you by other vendors. Leverage new hardware technologies as they become available. Phase-out older hardware non-disruptively and keep your infrastructure current in perpetuity

Businesses run on predictability.

Assured Maintenance

Do you know what your storage maintenance and support cost will be for year 4, 5, 6, 7.. 10? You should.

Don’t let other vendors financially engineer you into a storage refresh corner. Plan your storage maintenance and support costs with 100% visibility.

Businesses don't have wear-out cycles. Your storage shouldn't either.

Do you have a PhD in semiconductor technology? You shouldn’t care about the intricacies of solid-state drive wear to understand your maintenance costs.

Don’t worry about SSD life and endurance management. SSDs are covered as long as the storage array has an active support contract.