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(Video) Kaminario Clarity and Multi-System Monitoring
Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 01:57:15 PM

Data storage management can be time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could set your storage infrastructure on “cruise control” so you can focus on more important tasks? Kaminario customers are able to do just that with Kaminario Clarity. Clarity is a SaaS-based predictive analytics platform that delivers intelligence, automation, and analytics to customers’ cloud-scale infrastructure. In this first installment of a video series on the capabilities of Clarity, we’ll demonstrate how it provides users with real-time updates on storage arrays.

With Kaminario Clarity, you can monitor either a single array or all arrays simultaneously. Clarity monitors both hardware and software-oriented events. In addition to breaking out events by array, events can be viewed by a particular timeframe. Curious about events from the past 24 hours, the last 90 days, or a custom timeframe? You can easily view them all with Clarity.

Events You Can Monitor Through Kaminario Clarity

There are numerous events you can monitor in Kaminario Clarity – from purely informational to major warnings. Some events that you can see through Clarity include:

  1. Capacity Warning– When physical capacity reaches a warning state – i.e. 80% – Kaminario Clarity alerts customers. With this information, customers can then consider whether to reallocate space or expand the array.
  2. Data Replication Event– Kaminario Clarity can show when a replication link goes offline. In the above video, you can see a partial WAN connectivity warning message when one link went offline but the redundant link stayed functional. Clarity will also show if and when the WAN is fully restored.
  3. Battery Error – Another event that Kaminario Clarity monitors are battery errors. Battery errors will stay active until they have been manually resolved. Once this happens, Clarity will log another event to show that the battery current level is back to normal.
  4. Power Supply Failure – Kaminario Clarity also shows power supply failure alerts. In the above demo video, we see that in Block 1 on the first shelf, Storage 01 SSD is unreachable. Shortly afterwards, the device had a failover and moved into a RAID 6 state from K-RAID.

Sharing Data

All of this information is great, but what happens when you need to show other stakeholders in the organization what type of events Kaminario Clarity is collecting? Kaminario makes it easy to download a table of errors from a particular time frame as either an Excel or CSV. From there, the information can easily be inserted in presentations or sorted, cut, and sliced differently.

Ready to simplify management of your storage infrastructure? Click here to watch more demo videos on how easy it is to get clarity with Kaminario Clarity.

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