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Kaminario Expands Container Strategy; Announces Availability of Flocker Plug-in
Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 09:33:20 AM

NEEDHAM, Mass., Aug. 29, 2016 – Kaminario, a leading all-flash storage company, today announced it has partnered with ClusterHQ to build a storage management plug-in for Flocker, an open source container data volume manager. This technology integration with ClusterHQ — the leading provider of container data management software – will allow customers to run and manage their containerized Docker environments on Kaminario K2 all-flash storage system. As a result, they can now deploy applications quickly, consistency and reliably, while minimizing their operational app development overhead.

“IT departments and SaaS providers are challenged to launch new, innovative applications faster than ever before.” said Shachar Fienblit, CTO, Kaminario. “Containers are gaining in popularity among them as they are looking to manage their dynamic workload with a scale-out infrastructure in the open source container-based environment. This technology integration will simplify businesses access to Kaminario K2 — a predictable, fast and scalable all-flash storage solution to meet the dynamic to meet the storage needs of today and tomorrow.”

“Our recent Container Market Adoption survey found that IT professionals find persistent storage to be the single-biggest challenge when deploying containers in a product environment,” said Mohit Bhatnagar, vice president of Products, ClusterHQ. “By using the storage management plug-in with Kaminario and Flocker, customers can seamlessly integrate Dockerized applications with the K2 storage back-end to leverage the scalability and persistence of Kaminario’s all-flash storage system.”

ClusterHQ is the leading provider of container data management software that enables broader adoption of container technology in production environments. Its open source based solution, Flocker, enables containers and data volumes to be easily moved between servers as a single unit, while enabling consistency and operational efficiency.

A study from Docker found that 42 percent of organizations have deployed a database in a container. The growth of containers and container-based applications is on the rise and allows organizations to accelerate application development and quickly scale to meet customer demands. Without reliable storage systems that support legacy and modern applications like Kaminario K2, businesses will not benefit from deploying a container-based application environment.

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