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Kaminario Unveils Storage Industry’s Most Comprehensive Business Assurance Program
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:30:50 AM

Leverages Its All-Flash Storage Architecture to Deliver Predicable and Consistent Business Results

NEEDHAM, MA–(Marketwired – Jul 20, 2016) – Kaminario, a leading all-flash storage company, today announced its K-Assured™ program — an innovative and comprehensive program that offers unprecedented predictability and consistency in a customer’s storage buying decision process. The K-Assured™ program helps eliminate the common purchasing concerns around cost, performance, availability and scalability associated with running a business in an on-demand world — now and in the future.

Kaminario, the first storage provider to offer capacity assurance, was inspired by its customer’s overwhelmingly positive feedback, and is launching five new assurances as part of the K-Assured™ program. This offer is available to existing and new customers at no additional cost.

“Our customers’ needs are dynamic and change rapidly to meet market demands,” said Dani Golan, founder and CEO, Kaminario. “To meet these changing requirements, we have developed an agile, all-flash architecture for the on-demand world and the K-Assured™ program is designed to eliminate a customer’s worries when buying their storage solution.”

“The K-Assured program is fantastic,” said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Guaranteed capacity, performance and availability takes the guesswork out of buying flash — regardless of the application you run today or tomorrow. Combine that with Kaminario keeping maintenance costs consistent and not forcing a forklift upgrade in return. This program is a home run for buyers.”

For Today’s On-Demand World

The K-Assured program is split into two parts. The first part offers assurances when a customer purchases Kaminario K2 — the all-flash storage system.

Assured Capacity builds on the industry’s first guaranteed effective capacity program which ensured customers’ effective capacity and eliminated uncertainty around data reduction. If a customer does not get the guaranteed capacity, Kaminario will provide additional storage hardware at no cost.

Assured Performance leverages Kaminario K2’s unique scale-up-and-out architecture to ensure predictable and consistent performance for real-world application workloads. If performance does not meet defined thresholds, Kaminario will provide additional compute hardware at no cost.

Assured Availability ensures that Kaminario K2’s highly available architecture delivers 99.999% uptime. If the system fails to meet this level of availability, Kaminario will provide additional support at no additional cost.

For Tomorrow’s Unpredictable World

The second component of the K-Assured™ program offers a strategy to future-proof a storage purchase and provide assurances to meet the demands of a growing business.

Assured Scaleleverages Kaminario K2’s agile, software-defined architecture to ensure a scalability model that eliminates forklift upgrades and allows customers to leverage new hardware advances in compute, networking and storage media. The K2 includes an all-inclusive software pricing model and assurances that customers will receive Kaminario’s software and firmware upgrades at no extra cost for the life of the system.

Assured Maintenance minimizes uncertainty about extended maintenance pricing. The program ensures Kaminario’s maintenance pricing, which is a fixed percentage of acquisition price for the life of the system. It eliminates unexpected and expensive maintenance renewal costs.

Assured Solid-state Drive (SSD) Life leverages Kaminario’s advanced endurance management technology to extend SSD wear coverage for the life of the system, regardless of manufacturer’s warranty.

For additional details on the K-Assured™ program, please visit here. Kaminario also stands behind its award-winning storage solution with a no-risk trial program with an option to buy or return the storage at the end of the trial period.

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